In a stunning celebration of their Sri Lankan heritage, Chamari and Sanjaya recently exchanged vows, surrounded by family and friends at the elegant Adelaide Convention Centre. Its grandeur and breathtaking views set the stage for their special day, accommodating their loved ones with ease. One of the highlights of Chamari and Sanjaya’s wedding was the mesmerizing performance by Kandyan dancers. Dressed in vibrant traditional attire, they enchanted everyone with their graceful movements and rhythmic beats. The dancers added an authentic touch to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of excitement and energy. Chamari and Sanjaya blended traditional Sri Lankan elements with modern touches, creating a wedding experience that was both authentic. Friends and family danced to a mix of traditional Sri Lankan beats and popular music. Heartfelt speeches expressed love and admiration for the couple, creating cherished memories for everyone.

Photo & Video : DreamTeamImaging

Dress: Wedding Whispers

Cake: Cristarella cakes

Hair & Makeup: The style Bar au

Poruwa & Decor: Knot & Co

Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre

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